About Us

Deer Hunting Life is a personal blog run by Jacob Smith who is the only writer of the website.

Jacob Smith is an expert when it comes to deer hunting and has 10 years of experience in the field. He has a hunting license in the State of California.

Jacob has won 2 deer hunting awards in United States and has been hunting there for more than 8 years. He loves to travel around the world and explore different terrains.

In deerhuntinglife.com you will learn about all deer hunting tips, guides and feeds. Every article is well researched and contains only proved information. Even though Jacob is the only writer on this blog, there will be some articles from other hunting experts who are his friends. For every article that is not written by Jacob, you will find the source in the bottom.

In 10 years of experience in deer hunting, Jacob used different gear. You will be able to learn about all the gear I use when I go hunting. I will list what worked well for me and what didn’t.

Reading my articles you will be able to learn everything about deer feed. You will know what deer like to eat and what they don’t.

I will write about all my hunting trips around United States and share my tips with you. You will learn how to be safe out in the woods while deer hunting and what are the best tips to score your first buck.

If you find any content in this website that you think is illegal or you just want to write to me, click Contact and fill the form or contact me at admin@deerhuntinglife.com