Do Deer Eat Millet?

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Are you thinking about planting millet in a food plot for deer? First, you will need to find out if deer like it or not and does it need a whole lot of water to grow or not so much. We will explain this and answer all these questions in this article, so make sure to read until the end.

Do deer eat millet? Deer love to eat millet, particularly when it is young and growing with fragile shoots. But, not as much as it grows in height. Planting millet is quite simple. Because planting it is really easy and doesn’t take much time, it makes a perfect plant to grow for local deer.

Do deer eat Millet?

Because millet is a wholesome and easily digestible dietary source, deer eat it. Millet is low in fat, high in protein, and high in fiber. Vitamins A and B are also abundant in it.

Because it is sweet and has a nutty flavor, deer enjoy eating millet. Consuming millet gives deer energy and helps their digestive systems function better.

Animal specialists concur that whitetail deer enjoy millet as a food source. The idea is supported by the widespread usage of millet plants in food plots by deer hunters to catch whitetail deer.

Whitetail deer do not hesitate to consume grassy vegetation when given the opportunity.

Deer eat millet for many different reasons. The high protein content of millet, which is necessary for deer growth and development, attracts them.

Additionally, millet includes vital vitamins and minerals that deer require for good health.

Additionally, deer can get their energy from millet seeds, which also help them keep their body temperature steady in cold weather and provide them the endurance they need to flee predators or run vast distances.

Deer eat millet by first biting off the seed head and then using their teeth to tear off the husk. The tiny, rounded seed inside the husk of the millet plant is what people eat.

Deer remove individual seeds from the head and into their mouths using their tongue and lips. Deer consume the seeds whole after grinding them up in their mouths using a chewing action.

When choosing the right time to feed millet to deer, there are a few factors to take into account. The plant’s maturity comes first.

Only after the millet has achieved full maturity and started to dry out can it be fed to deer. The millet will lose its nutritional value and become unappealing to deer if you wait too long.

The season is another factor to think about. Millet should generally only be fed in the late summer and early fall.

Do deer eat millet plants?

The grass in gardens and yards is a favorite food of deer. A well-known grass plant all throughout the world is millet. Additionally, millet plants are grown in gardens by many wildlife enthusiasts and deer shooters as an essential component of the food plot used to draw deer.

Do deer like millet seed?

It is frequently used in food plots for deer, ducks, quail, and doves. It is one of just a few species that may be flooded for waterfowl and thrives in dry, well-drained soil. This millet produces a lot of seeds and reaches maturity within 60 to 70 days.

Will deer eat Japanese millet?

An annual millet called Japanese Millet draws a wide range of species, such as deer, ducks, quail, and doves. It is mostly utilized in waterfowl plots and is perfect for plots in wet or flood-prone areas. a millet that grows quickly and matures its grain 45 days after seeding.

Will deer eat pearl millet?

Additionally, for birds, deer, and other wildlife, pearl millet provides excellent cover and food. Last but not least, pearl millet is a fantastic crop for summertime green manures. This crop needs warm weather to grow, thus it shouldn’t be planted until the soil temperature is at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will deer eat ornamental millet?

Ornamental grasses give magnificent texture, color, and billowing movement to garden beds and containers and are deer-resistant and simple to grow. Their blooms are a staple of the late summer and early fall and make lovely complements to bouquets.

Will deer eat foxtail millet?

Animals and birds are known to become interested in foxtail millet. Deer are among the creatures on the list. The foxtail millet grass and seeds are frequently observed being eaten by deer.

Do deer eat white millet?

A warm-season summer annual, white proso millet is widely cultivated all over the world. White Proso is commonly used to feed exotic birds like finches as well as cattle, deer, rabbit, quail, turkey, and dove. Matures in 65 – 90 days.

Will deer eat brown top millet?

A variety of species finds the warm-season annual millet known as Brown Top Millet to be attractive. It is frequently utilized in deer food plots. It is one of just a few species that may be flooded for waterfowl and thrives in dry, well-drained soil.


Because of the taste and nutrients in millet, deer are frequently spotted eating it. Deer can benefit from millet plants and seeds because they provide them with protein-rich energy, which can enhance their general health.

Deer’s digestive system is improved by the fiber in millet and its seeds.

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