Do Deer Like Salt Blocks?

Author: Jacob Smith
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Some of us prefer sweet things, while others seek salty foods, such as a piece of expertly cured deer jerky. Salt is naturally a craving for whitetails. For their best health, they also require it and a wealth of other minerals. So it seems logical that we employ mineral licks to entice deer to our properties.

Do deer like salt blocks? Due to the dopamine surge and other nutrients included in sodium that they benefit from, salt lick blocks are known to draw deer. These blocks can be left out to provide animals extra nutrients, and many hunters like using them to attract herds of deer to their backyard.

Do deer like salt blocks?

Deer have been searching for natural mineral licks for ages. Contrary to popular belief, they also appreciate salt for its health benefits in addition to its flavor.

Hydrochloric acid, required in the stomach for food digestion, can only be produced with salt. Deer are also affected by this.

Deer need salt all year long, and their requirements vary according to the season. Because their antlers grow over the summer and spring, white-tailed deer need more salt during these times.

They give birth and nurse their fawns during these two seasons as well. Because they are feeding both themselves and the fawns, they need more nutrition than usual, and salt encourages animals to produce more milk for their young.

Deer also need salt and mineral licks in the winter and fall so that their bodies can adjust to the chilly weather.

Deer frequently become attracted to salt and mineral blocks left out for domestic livestock. To especially draw deer, a salt block can be bought from a feed supply store and placed outside.

The salt needs to be spread out in a deer-friendly area and kept there until the deer discover it, which could take hours or days. Deer will keep going back to the salt block once they’ve discovered it.

Look for a deer-populated area. Put the salt block where deer tracks and droppings indicate they have been.

Place the block in a clearing surrounded by vegetation, such as trees or brush, so that anyone viewing can remain hidden.

Setting up a salt lick at your mineral location in the early spring is a terrific idea. The seasons of spring and summer, when water and potassium are abundant in lush, green plants, are when whitetails crave salt the most.

Additionally, salt can be a formidable delivery system for a variety of other crucial nutrients that enhance growth, health, and trophy potential.

Do salt blocks attract deer?

Deer are frequently drawn to salt and mineral blocks left out for domesticated animals. You can buy a salt block from a feed supply store and place it expressly to draw deer.

When should you put out a salt block for deer?

A salt lick should be installed at your mineral site in the early spring. The two seasons when water and potassium are abundant in lush, green plants are spring and summer, which is when whitetails crave salt the most.

Do deer like salt blocks or mineral blocks?

Like many other hooved mammals, white-tailed deer have a strong mineral and salt need. Because of this, a lot of hunters employ mineral blocks, licks, and other mineral-based attractants as part of their hunting strategies. A lot of firms provide these items especially for hunters.

Can deer smell salt blocks?

Deer can detect salt odors kilometers away. They will smell it, crave it, and flock to you because, you can be sure, they need those minerals.

How long does a deer salt block last?

For me, they usually last between 6 and 8 months. If there is a lot of snow, it is less.

What kind of mineral blocks do deer like?

A deer’s diet must include salt, which they adore and seek, but they also require other minerals to grow healthily. Mineral blocks require sodium, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and trace minerals, as well as the ideal ratio of salt and flavorings to balance out the bitterness.

How do you place a salt block for deer?

Dig substantial holes beneath the stump between the roots with a posthole digger. 25 pounds of salt or mineral mix should be poured into the holes and fill the holes up with dirt. To help deer locate the stump more quickly, save some of the mixture to sprinkle on top of it.

What time of year do deer like salt licks?

During the spring and summer, whitetails—especially bucks—need salt. This is why deer will frequently frequent and use pure salt licks throughout a specific few months, but they do not offer the same general advantages as a mineral designed specifically for whitetails.


You now have a much better understanding of deer, including their penchant for salt blocks. Blocks of salt can be very helpful when trying to draw deer to a certain spot.

You should think about whether you want to utilize blocks of salt or powder if you’re planning to start utilizing salt blocks soon. There are numerous factors to take into account, but you are aware that salt blocks are quite beneficial if you want to have a lot of deer for the upcoming hunting season.

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