How To Bait Mule Deer?

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Deer hunting was always popular and it continues to be. Even thought there are a lot hunters who like to chase deer, there are not a lot of them who know how to properly bait deer. Today we are going to talk about baiting mule deer and the steps you need to follow.

So, how to bait mule deer? Here in Washington, I am aware of a few guides who use alfalfa as bait. It’s fantastic for mule and whitetail deer. It must be posted ahead of time, and the earlier the better. Make sure there is enough food there for them to eat by checking it every few days.

How to bait mule deer?

To bait mule deer you will have to follow these steps:

1. Mask your scent

Because mule deer have a highly developed sense of smell, be sure to cover your scent using scent-masking or scent-removal solutions and pick a hunting location that is downwind of the deer.

2. Put your camera near water sources

Mule deer require water every day, so you can monitor them near water sources like creeks and springs with the Best Trail Camera for Deer Hunting.

3. Remain calm, quiet, and relaxed

When frightened, mule deer will “stot,” or leap approximately 15 feet in the air, so it is crucial to stay calm, quiet, and relaxed once you have selected your hunting location.

4. When to hunt

The greatest time of year to hunt mule deer is during the winter months of November and December, when the rut (mating season) takes place.

5. The best time to go hunting

The first and last two hours of daylight are the greatest times to shoot mule deer since they are nocturnal animals that sleep in thickets and tall grass during the day and forage at night.

6. Find a viewpoint

You can find a viewpoint point by looking for markings made by male mule deer, which leave the velvet from their antlers on the ground, brush, and saplings to alert does that there is a buck around.

7. Search for scent

You can determine whether any mule deer have recently visited the area by checking the temperature of the pee and scat. The aroma of the does’ urine varies as a result of hormonal changes during this reproductive cycle, letting bucks know and understand when a doe is ready to procreate. Putting this smell on a tampon and tying it to a tree branch is an excellent method to make use of it. As long as your own scent doesn’t interfere, this will enable the aroma to travel.

What is good bait for mule deer?

The Best overall bait for mule deer is corn. Use corn and mule deer will come.

How do you attract mule deer bucks?

You attract mule deer bucks by Rattling and Scraping Antlers. Mule deer are easily attracted by rattling. Basically, by rattling two antler sets together, you may simulate a fight between two dominant bucks. This works well to attract rival bucks who want to establish supremacy as well as does looking for a dominating buck.

Where do mule deer go during the day?

Mule deer are most active in the early morning, late afternoon, and throughout the moonlit nights. The mule deer will take a nap in a cool, secluded place in the middle of the day. Females and fawns prefer open habitats, while males prefer to sleep on rocky ridges.

Where do mule deer bucks hide?

Common hiding include brushy dry washes and thickets along stream corridors. Deer that are bedding often keep an eye out for danger coming from below, thus stalking from above gives the hunter an advantage. When my first large muley buck jumped from his bed, I shot him with a bow at close range.

Where do mule deer hang out during the day?

Mule deer might not run the same program every day, but they are habitual in the drainages, basins, and areas they hang out in.

Where do you find big mule deer bucks?

Mule deer bucks, especially during the rut, enjoy congregating in obscure stream drainages, nooks between hills, and other tight spaces. Hiking hard from Point A to Point B with your head down and legs swinging is the best way I know to run every good buck out of your zone.

Do grunt calls work on mule deer?

Even during the active pre-rut time, rattling doesn’t really help mule deer bucks get interested in you. And this is the reason why calling mule deer—grunting, snorting, or bleating—isn’t a reliable method, even when you discover them in dense cover. They simply aren’t as vocal or socially reliant as whitetail deer.

How do I attract mule deer to my yard?

To attract mule deer to your yard Provide minerals, Add water, Create or enhance staging areas, Add shrubs and vines, Build big buck bedding cover, Create a thermal refuge, Plant oaks, Give them fruit.

How do you hunt rutting mule deer?

There are many various strategies for hunting the rut or late season, but these six can greatly improve your chances of success.

  1. Find the does, find the bucks.
  2. Research backwards.
  3. Get away from the crowds.
  4. Hunt near private land borders.
  5. Glass and glass some more!
  6. Think outside the box.

How often should you bait deer?

Deer need to feed on adequate amounts of browse, 2 out 5 times during a 24 hour period within their daylight bedding areas. When you fail to regularly hold deer on your farm, quality browse without a quality afternoon meal source can leave you perplexed.


Alfalfa fields appear to be effective. I am aware of a few ranches in traditional Mexico that have sizable irrigated alfalfa field to bait mule deer. I’ve tried everything to bait mule deer and alfalfa was the best option always.

If you want to bait mule deer, you have to use alfalfa.

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