How Far Away Can Deer Smell Corn?

Author: Jacob Smith
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Setting up a corn pile or deer feeders takes time, effort, and money. Due to these factors, most hunters are unsure of when they will start to see deer visiting their feeders or corn mounds. One of the most common questions that I see asked is: How far away can deer smell corn?

Despite the fact that this has not been experimentally confirmed, it is thought that deer can smell corn from up to 300 yards away. As a matter of fact, deer can detect the scent of specific varieties of corn, such as Indian corn, from ten times further away and will remain on the corn pile for a longer amount of time.

How far away can deer smell corn?

In essence, it’s thought that deer can detect the smell of corn up to a mile away. However, a deer’s sense of smell can be affected by a variety of elements, such as the direction of the wind, humidity, and the deer’s level of excitement or fear.

How far deer can smell corn is not shown scientifically to be at any certain range. However, it is believed it can be a couple of miles thanks to their amazing sense of smell. In the past, people have used corn pile baits to hunt deer, and some have recorded videos demonstrating the range to which they may have been drawn.

There were cases when deer were able to smell corn from couple of miles away, but this was not always the case.

Due to the fact that deer have an amazing sense of smell and can detect corn from great distances, corn is a common deer attractant. This explains why so many hunters for deer use maize.

However, it’s advised against solely using maize to feed deer because this could cause the animal short-term harm. Numerous acids found in corn have the potential to kill the digestive system bacteria of deer.

As long as it doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable, deer will immediately go for corn if they smell it while they are grazing. An region with good food, like corn, will cause deer to rearrange their entire pattern, claims a local wildlife biologist.

How long does it take for deer to smell corn?

It takes 1-3 days for deer to smell corn. Most of the time deer will come that day or the next one.

Can deer smell food from far away?

It is estimated that deer can smell food from as far as 1/4 of a mile away (0.4 km). Until they can determine whether it is something they should eat or not, they will continue to move closer and closer to their food source.

How much corn should I put out for deer?

Divide a 40-pound bag of corn into four 10-pound buckets, and put a bucket out every 3 days or so. To make the deer work for each kernel, I spread it out thin across an area around the size of a sheet of plywood and set the camera to record with a minute delay between clips.

How long should you wait to hunt after putting corn out?

In my opinion, you need to wait around 2 weeks after putting corn out to go hunting.

Do deer prefer whole or cracked corn?

I like to spend a lot of money on blocks and feed. I bought cracked corn yesterday because the feed store ran out of whole corn. The cashier told me that deer prefer whole corn. It seems to spread more effectively and force the deer to search for the pieces.

Is it OK to feed deer corn all year?

If deer are already used to eating corn throughout the winter in your area, you can start feeding corn to deer slowly and see how they take it, but you will likely have no problem feeding deer corn year round in these areas.

How long will corn last in deer feeder?

Your feeder will be out of corn in 2 1/2 weeks.

What can you mix with deer corn?

Mix corn and oats in equal proportion. Deer tend to be drawn to things like corn and oats.

Final Thoughts

Deer’s can smell corn from over 275 yards away.

The best deer attractant you can ever employ is corn. They will run for kilometers if you add some butter to make it smell better.

Never bait too nearly to a wildlife population’s paths or bedding areas. It might disrupt their usual migratory patterns.

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