How to Transport Deer After Hunting? (2022 Guide)

Author: Jacob Smith
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Effective deer transportation home after field dressing is finished is equally critical as correctly field dressing your harvested game. Don’t let your hard work this hunting season go to waste as a result of poor transit practices. So, how to transport deer after hunting?

Ideally the best way to transport a deer is to lift it directly onto a trailer and drive it to your destination. However, often this is not possible due to the terrain or location. In many cases, hunters must drag their deer out of the woods or field.

How to transport deer after hunting?

I listed here some of the best and most used ways to transport deer after you are finished hunting.

1. Grab the deer by the leg and pull.

The most typical method of moving a deer is to grab a leg or an antler and begin pulling. I don’t recommend this if you have to travel far from the hunting field.

2. Pickup Truck

As long as you can drive up to your hunting location, the classic pickup truck is by far the most convenient way to bring a deer out.

3. Motorcycle

A deer hog-tied to the back of a motorcycle is an easy way to transport deer in a difficult terrain where you can’t get in with your truck.

4. ATV

ATVs have emerged as the most common and convenient means of moving deer. You can also purchase a deer rack attachment for more complex deer removal. It eliminates the need to hoist your deer onto the quad and enables you to move it by ATV. For lone hunters who have killed large-bodied deer, this is useful.

5. Mountain Bike

Try riding a mountain bike with a trailer in areas where ATVs are prohibited.

6. Deer Dragging Sled

There’s a sled made specifically for deer dragging. It is known as the dead sled and functions best when there is only a thin layer of snow.

How do you transport deer out of the woods?

I always carry an old water ski rope that I’ve converted into a deer drag, and I carry other ropes with me, so I can tie the deer’s legs up to keep them from catching on briars and brambles, after I field dress the deer and start dragging him out.

How to transport a deer without a truck?

Transporting a deer from the hunting grounds to your home or processing facility can be challenging, especially if you do not have access to a truck. However, there are several alternatives methods that can be used to transport a deer without the use of a truck.

There are several ways to transport a deer without a truck, including:

  1. ATV or UTV: An all-terrain vehicle or utility task vehicle can be used to transport a deer out of the woods. This method is best for shorter distances and rough terrain.
  2. Horseback: If you have access to a horse, you can use it to transport a deer out of the woods. This method is best for longer distances and rough terrain.
  3. Game cart: A game cart is a specialized cart that can be attached to a bike or ATV to transport a deer. This method is best for shorter distances on relatively smooth terrain.
  4. Backpack: If the deer is a small one, it can be carried on a backpack. This method is best for short distances and when the terrain is not too rough.
  5. Hiring a service: Some hunting services offer deer-packing services where they will transport your deer out of the woods for you. If you don’t have any good alternative to a truck, you can use these services.

A truck is still the best way to transport big deer in rough terrains.

What do you do with a deer after you shoot it?

Many hunters must drop their deer out of the field or woods. Always place a tarp underneath the deer to prevent it from touching the ground, and take every precaution to prevent as much trash as possible from getting inside the animal. As soon as you arrive at your destination, hang your deer up.

How do hunters get deer out of woods?

Most of the hunters drag it out of woods. Use these suggestions if you choose to drag out your harvest: Hold the proper position and pull the deer by grabbing its antlers or by fastening a short rope around its neck. Your deer’s legs will fold naturally backward to allow you to drag it around branches or saplings. Bring a handle for a ski rope.

How do you haul a deer without a truck?

I used tarps in cars for many years. The trick is to use a big enough tarp that you can wrap the deer up in it like a burrito to prevent any spillage.

Can you drag deer by antlers?

The antlers and horns really just made good handles for the dragging. Of course, some people aren’t even capable of dragging a deer. When a hunter once hauled a deer by me, he was tugging against the hair and had the rope fastened to the animal’s back foot.

What is the easiest way to drag a deer?

The easiest way to drag a deer is by using the slide and roll method. It can be difficult to drag a dead deer across barren ground, especially if it is a big one. They slide along much easier on snow. Even if you don’t live in a region where it snows, a plastic sled will make the task easier even when you don’t always have that luxury. To lash the deer in, drill a couple holes along either side and provide some extra rope.

Final Thoughts

Dragging to the nearest motorized vehicle is the most common way to transport deer. Carrying the carcass is the most physically demanding and also the most dangerous because it presents a target to other hunters. Due of their ability to travel in areas of dense forest that trucks cannot, quad runners are very popular.

It is also important to keep in mind that in most places, it is illegal to transport a deer without properly tagging it first and following all the local regulations, check with your local authorities before attempting to transport a deer.

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